A Crying Soul

Im still unhappy when i woke up.

Ive got a lot of things in my mind.
I thought itll be gone when i sleep it off,
but theres still somthing that stings my heart.
Its painful and i cant rid of it.

I wish i could have my heart numb,
Or atleast make it as yours.
So i wouldnt think much and care just enough,
So i would see things simply without all the dramas,
So i wouldnt be hurt like i was dying inside.

I wish i could bleed it off,
So this gallon of tears would be enough,
To bathe me naked,
And my heart would be frozen from its coldness,
And i will be paralized for quite sometime

Ive lost myself bearing all the guilt.
Ive shed off even that little confidence thats left in me.
Now i have nothing, and worst,
THe only thing that i saved, is my love for you.
Even if its dark, i can still find myself loving you. 

Just Recently

Nah, its not a story about breakup. 

The above photo was taken at Universal Studios Singapore riding on Madagascar. 

We enjoyed our 6 months season pass which lasted until 8th of April this year. 

We both enjoyed all the rides at USS esp the Galactica Cylon (my favorite ride- a high speed roller coaster that gives me butterflies in my stomach,but just on the first drop😂). I still remember how amazed i was when i first tried riding the Transformers. I can still hear the people scream on The Mummy (another roller coaster ride with dramatic entrance and creepy pathway to the ride). Im still overwhelmed whenever i browse the photos weve collected roaming around my favorite place.

And just recently…

Our passes have expired.

It was such an amazing experience to have visited USS a few times for the past 6 months. 

Till i see you again.. 💔 

A newbie in the house

Ive once dreamt of becoming a writer. I tried writing stories and poems that i was the only one who can see. When a piece is done, ill read it a few times, keep it for awhile, then throw it when its time to declutter stuff. I could perhaps publish a book if my stories and poems were compiled. 

Now theyre all gone. 

Im now a newbie on this generation where all our thoughts can be shared publicly on social media, and not with a paper and a pen. Im a traditional writer though and im still enjoying to write on my diary. It was actually just a list of daily tasks (which i tick when completed) that becomes a diary, and now trying to penetrate the world of blogging. I may just unleash some crap out of my head but i can also share sensible things on which i myself didnt imagine that it was there, lingering in my thoughts. 

So, without further ado, lets get it on and explore the world of a crazy goth. 

“Beware and listen to her silence.”

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